Controversial Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) president Cheeky Watson says he is ready to quit the cash-strapped union to pursue business interests, which he says he has neglected because of his rugby duties.
Watson, who has not spoken to the media in recent months, broke his silence after an EPRU meeting where he narrowly staved off a vote of no confidence.
Clubs wanting to overthrow Watson’s executive needed 63 votes to achieve a two-thirds majority, but they could only tally 52 at a meeting held at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Saturday.
Though Watson would not give a date for his departure from the hot seat in EP Rugby, he said it could happen within the next couple of weeks.
“It is a door in my life that needs to close and not to be resurrected again,” he said.
Asked if his time as president had left a scar on him, he replied: “Absolutely. But it does help going back into that and picking up old bones.”
Watson said the negativity surrounding his role as president did not worry him.
“I have never been a populist and I have never worried about people’s opinions and what they think of me,” he said.
“If I tackle a job I tackle it with every fibre of my being and try to be as successful as possible.

  1. “It was gratifying to see the support from clubs, but one needs to look at the bigger picture here and look at rugby as a whole within the province.