Numerous events have taken place in the last couple of weeks that have forced us to relook at how we are doing
business and whether the current structures are fit for purpose. We have come to the conclusion that some
changes are necessary for us to deliver our primary mandate which is promoting the game of Rugby and creating
a conducive environment for Rugby to thrive.


These changes are designed to achieve the following:

a) Prioritise development and long term goals
b) Instil discipline in all our communication structures
c) Eliminate overlapping structures
d) Increase efficiency and accountability
e) Take steps to avoid relegation

The following will be our action plan going forward:

1. In order to maintain a place in the top tiers for the Africa Cup we believe it is prudent to focus on
grassroots development, and GIR. For this reason we have appointed V P North Losson Mtongwiza to
take charge of that portfolio.
2. In pursuit of the same goal we have also appointed Brendan Dawson to spearhead an Under23
development academy which will be based at Hartfield, the original home of Rugby in Zimbabwe.
3. As an additional resource to the Sables Trust, Vice President South Mr Martin Shone will now serve as a
4. In order to strengthen administrative processes within the ZRU, a substantive Sables Manager who will
report directly to the CEO will be appoint. An announcement will be made in the next 30 days.

5. In recognition of the importance of player welfare, we have appointed Mr Shingi Mpofu , a ZRU Board
Member and former Sable, as the Player Representative. He will act as a bridge between ZRU Board and
6. Players will now be required to only communicate through their manager and any grievances are
escalated to the Board through Mr Mpofu.
7. There will be no communication between players and the Sables Trust or indeed between Players and the
Presidium other than that dictated by common courtesy.
8. ZRU will immediately employ an administrator for the Gold Cup campaign who will focus on Sables
Welfare. This includes payment of allowances, accommodation, transport , medical and personal needs
9. Mr Peter De Villiers will identify and recommend a local assistant coach to help him complete the Gold
Cup Campaign. There are two fixtures remaining, Namibia and Uganda.
10. Mr Peter De Villiers will be reporting to the ZRU CEO.
11. As part of the eligibility for remaining on the team, Sables players will be required to sign the existing
code of conduct, and player contract. This will among other things address Social media etiquettes and
allowances, amounts and dates of payments.
12. For the Uganda game we will send an advance party which will be headed by the VP South who will arrive
before the touring party to ensure that all conditions are favourable for the squad.
13. The Sables Technical team will now be assisted by a Selection panel headed by the ZRU Technical Committee.