TNL: Jaguars reclaim Gauteng derby’s bragging rights

The Jaguars reclaimed the bragging rights of the Gauteng derby after handing the Fireballs their first loss of the season. Meanwhile, the Flames had a successful weekend, winning two consecutive games, these are their only wins this season. In addition, the Aloes remain unbeaten in the second division.

When the fourth leg began on Friday in Heartfelt Arena, netball fans were once again treated to a variety of nail-biting action.

In a much-anticipated Telkom Netball League’s Gauteng derby, the Jaguars came out victorious, ensuring that the tittle defence was no longer hanging by a thread as the hotly contested league continued, this past weekend. The defending champions took control of the game from the start, leading by six goals at halftime and going on to extend their lead by a margin score in the third quarter to defeat the Fireballs 53-39 at the final whistle.

“We knew exactly what we were up against, and our game plan worked.” Said Jaguars head coach Rozanne Mathysse.

“This was a result of everything that we set out [prepared for] in the past five weeks, this was not a preparation we started this week. We lost against them [Fireballs] in the first leg and my comment that day was ‘I would rather lose now than later’. So, I knew we were going through a process, we had things to fix, and still now in this game, there’s things we need to fix. This [game] was for us to make sure that we take our confidence back. We are the champions, and we are here to win it again.” She explained.

With the ball, wing defence Didintle Keebine of North West Flames playing against Kingdom Stars. Photo: Netball SA

It was a big weekend for the Flames who are slightly escaping relegation. The North West outfit upset their opponents while rewarding their fans who came out in force this past weekend. After trailing by three points just before three-quarter time, the Flames took control of the game and led by four goals at the end of the quarter. The KZN team refused to give up, but the Flames capitalised on their opportunities and won the game 54-49.

The Flames were still on that winning streak on a Sunday morning. In what appeared to be a close game, they dominated from the first quarter. The Crinums’ heroic efforts in the final quarter were in vain, as they were defeated by just two points [68-66].

The Eastern Cape Aloes’ center Busisiwe Mevana and the Limpopo Baobabs’ wing defence Nanique Stevens. Photo: Netball SA

Furthermore, the Eastern Cape Aloes are sailing in the second division with a tight ship. Despite having a great competitive relationship with the Limpopo Baobabs, the Aloes sent a stern warning of why they are the current champions and whipped them with 61-35 goals!



Queens 36-43 Comets

Fireballs 39-53 Jaguars

Sunbirds 35-38 Baobabs


Tornados 49-45 Sunbirds

Queens 39-36 Diamonds

Baobabs 35-61 Aloes

Flames 54-49 Stars

Fireballs 68-38 Stings


Comets 44-35 Tornados

Flames 68-66 Crinums

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