London, United Kingdom – It has been a busy period of international netball in the past couple of months with the Quad Series, Pent Series, Taini Jamison Trophy, SEA Games and others all taking place.


The INF World Rankings have been updated to reflect matches played between the 1st July and 13th September 2017.

After an impressive showing at the Quad Series, and a 2-0 series win over Fiji, the SPAR Proteas from South Africa is drawing closer to Jamaica in 4th position. As for Fiji, their series defeat to South Africa sees them fall one place into 8th, and Wales benefit as they rise one place into 7th.

Following their Pent Series triumph, Zimbabwe leapfrog Zambia into 15th. Malaysia rise to 20th thanks to their SEA Games gold medal. In contrast, Singapore drop to 19th, and St Lucia have benefitted as they rise one place to 18th. Malaysia’s rise to 20th sees Botswana who finished 4th at the Pent Series, fall to 21st.

Elsewhere, Canada have switched places to rise above close neighbours USA into 26th. This came following their victory over the Cayman Islands. Despite losing, 3-0, the Cayman Islands also benefitted as they now have played enough games to have a World Ranking again.

Namibia are the biggest climbers in this particular update as they rise 6 places into 31st. This came after a 3rd placed finish in the Pent Series.

There are now 39 teams with an INF World Ranking.

Blanche de la Guerre, the CEO of Netball South Africa (NSA) said that the investment into the SPAR Proteas was paying off. “We had a plan a few years ago to bring in a top coaching team with international reputation and experience and for the SPAR Proteas to play a busy schedule. NSA invested into legendary Australian Coach Norma Plummer and her assistant Nicole Cusack to take over the coaching role of the SPAR Proteas and they consulted on a busy international schedule against top nations. This was a massive investment by NSA but the investment is paying off and the SPAR Proteas are making huge strides not only in international netball circles but also on the world rankings.”