The do-or-die pulsating fixture between Argentina and Nigeria on Tuesday night in St Petersburg left fans highly entertained if you an Argentine supporter and bitterly disappointed if you a Super Eagles fan.

The entertainment was not only on the field. Diego Maradona brought some amusement for the fans at the stadium and millions around the world watching on their home box office.



After the first goal scored by Lionel Messi, the tv cameras focused on the 1986 World Cup winner, as he looked up to the heavens in prayer. Super Eagles equalised early in the second half and Maradona pretended to be sleeping.

Its was four minutes from time, when Rojo scored the winner, Maradona was seen pulling the middle finger at the fans, as he could not hold back his excitement.

All the wildin’ out proved to be too much for the 57 year old as he was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out after the game. Maradona has a history of health problems, this includes heart issues, breathing problems and of course cocaine addiction.

Argentina will face France on Saturday in the round of 16.