xoxa1-3According to sources former Bafana Bafana striker Katlego Mphela has gone AWOL (absent without leave) from the little known Royal Eagles’ team.

Mphela hasn’t been seen in ages and hasn’t attended training or matches since being substituted by Kabo Zondo in a match his team won.


Mphela signed for Royal Eagles after failing to cement a place at Kaizer Chiefs and took a few steps back to re-establish his career and get more playing time. He would have been left frustrated at being substituted and may be considering his future.

We think that Mphela should just retire from football and find another profession as it is clear as day light that his career has come to a premature end. In fact player like Mphela should be buying clubs like Royal Eagles and not playing for them. It is of great concern that he feels for whether it’s financial or lack of other things to do that he is still playing football and tainting his name in the process.

Let’s face it Royal Eagles would never make the front pages if a super star Mphela was not involved with the team. Either way that spot should be reserved for a youngster to come in and show what they worth.