Soccer Laduma have allegedly published fake footballer interviews say Power FM in an expose that has threatened to turn into a legal battle.

Soccer Laduma have allegedly been publishing fake interviews with football players according to Power FM. They released a statement that Power FM had in fact incited an agent to make false statements and the agent had actually complained to them about Power FM. Soccer Laduma

On one of the interviews that Power FM broadcast of a Soccer Laduma journalist interviewing Lucky Baloyi  there were papers in the background and many of the people confirmed that wasn’t him. Also on an interview Lucky Baloyi himself complained that he himself wasn’t aware of the interview and wasn’t happy as they had said that he supports Chelsea when he is in fact a Liverpool Supporter. Also affected by the fake interviews were Daine Klate, Khama Billiat and Moeneeb Josephs.



Soccer LadumaSoccer Laduma declined  an invite to be on Power Sport Extra following a lengthy investigation by Power Sport on the paper publishing fake interviews. In their response, they said they want to listen to the show first and then reply on their platform.

We were then called by Clint Roper, the Deputy Editor of Soccer Laduma, who confirmed that there are in fact fake interviews that were published and the freelance journalist responsible for such has since been dismissed following an internal investigation.

Roper also confirmed that some of the recordings could be bogus and that the voices on them may not be those of the ;”interviewed” players

Roper also confirmed that POWER 98.7 can go on record and inform its listeners that Soccer Laduma would respond on their platform and not on the show.

Soccer Laduma also told POWER 98.7 that the matter is still under investigation and the publication is awaiting a legal response from the journalist implicated in the ‘fake interviews’ scandal.

We then asked Soccer Laduma if they are registered with the Press Ombudsman and twice they said NO.

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