Money League compiled by audit firm Deloitte determines the revenue created by each club around the world.


United netted £581.2m over a twelve month period, this was assisted by the club also winning the Europa League. Real Madrid are in second place after winning the Champions League and La Liga netting £579.7m and Barcelona are in third place with £557.1m.

There are nine English Premier League side in the Top 20 list

Top 20 list: Revenue in 2016/17 Season

  1. Manchester United £581.2m
  2. Real Madrid £579.7
  3. FC Barcelona £557.1m
  4. Bayern Munich £505.1m
  5. Manchester City £453.5m
  6. Arsenal £419m
  7. Paris Saint Germain £417.8
  8. Chelsea £367.8m
  9. Liverpool £364.5m
  10. Juventus £348.6m
  11. Tottenham Hotspurs £305.6m
  12. Borussia Dortmund £285.2m
  13. Atletico Madrid £234.2m
  14. Leicester City £233m
  15. Internazionale £225.2m
  16. Schalke £197.8m
  17. West Ham United £183.3m
  18. Southampton £182.3m
  19. Napoli £172.5m
  20. Everton £171.2