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Jake Paul made false allegations against Hasim Rahman Jr


Jake Paul has reportedly lied about his claims on twitter, that his opponent Hasim Rahman Jr pulled out of their fight which was set for August 6, 2022, due to dispute about weight limit.

“First Tommy Furry fumbled and now Hasim Rahman crumbled” declared Jake Paul on twitter.

Rahman Jr, son of former world champion Hasim Rahman, has stepped in as a replacement after Tommy Furry withdrew from a fight against Paul.

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions (MVP) released a statement, saying that Rahman Jr has signed an agreement on July 6, to fight a 200Ibs (90.72kg) and weighed 216Ibs on July 12. A weight check on Friday July 29, showed Rahman Jr had lost only one pound since then, from 216 to 215Ibs, the statement further added, prompting the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) to declare it would not sanction a bout unless it was held at 205Ibs. MVP also stated that Paul was prepared to move forward at the weight, but Rahman Jr team told them on Saturday that they planned to pull out of the fight unless it was agreed to at 215Ibs, leading to the entire card being scrapped.

Amid these allegations Rahman Jr responded on twitter saying, “Jake and his team cancelled the fight not me!” He added, given a sanction of not less 205Ibs by the NYSAC “I can make 205Ibs by Friday, August 5”.

“Why am I weighing in two and three weeks before the fight? I didn’t even get a chance to hit the scale on Aug. 5 like the contract said. How the fight off on me when THEY cancelled the event,” Rahman asked boxing reporter Dan Rafael on Twitter.

Rahman Jr has denied the claims made by Jake Paul and his team, that it was in his order to cancel the fight, “I just think Jake doesn’t want to go in the ring with someone who has really good chance of beating him, thus false claims and shifting blame” said Rahman Jr on his interview with the media on YouTube.

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