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Bongco win SA’s first boxing medal in eight years.


Middleweight Simnikiwe Bongco, who represented South Africa in boxing at the Commonwealth Games for the first time since 2014, escaped being knocked out.

Kemrond Moses of Grenada was also stopped by the fighter from Duncan Village in the Eastern Cape during their three-round bout, which Bongco won by unanimous decision. Bongco advances to the semi-finals with the victory, and even if he loses there, he will still be awarded a bronze medal.

On Saturday, he will compete against Australian Callum Peter who is 19 years old.
Lewis Richardson of England, who finished second at the European championships, compete against Sam Hickey of Scotland in the other elimination round.

Team South Africa has only received one boxing medal in the previous three Commonwealth Games competitions, which was a welterweight bronze won by Tulani ‘Tulz’ Mbenge in Glasgow in 2014.
In their three prior Olympic competitions, which took place from 1998 to 2006, they had garnered a total of six medals. In Melbourne in 2006, welterweight Bongani Mwelase won the country of South Africa’s lone boxing gold medal. Jackson Chauke took home the silver in the flyweight division that year. Twenty years ago, at Manchester 2002, welterweight Kwanele Zulu took home the silver medal.

There have been no qualifiers for the last two Olympics in South Africa’s amateur sport, currently known as “Open Boxing.”

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