NBA Finals: Boston Celtics bounces back in the 3rd game.

This season, Boston Celtics depth has been a factor in their victories, and it was on display again on Wednesday when they secured a 116-100 win over the Golden State Warriors in the 3rd game. This means Celtics are two games away from the championship with Tatum and Brown bossing the way.

The Jason Tatum and Jaylene Brown conversation has been moving mouth to mouth from fans, being pitted against each other, and being treated as rivals whereas they’re teammates. The duo has been making headlines game week in and out, from when they had a slow struggling start to the season and now being in the finals.
These two top scorers for the Celtics joined up for 53 points, 15 rebounds, and 14 assists in game 3 with Brown scoring 17 in the first quarter.

Judging from game 1 and 2 on how the home teams led to the final win, it makes so much sense why the Celtics emerged victorious in game 3 as they pumped out to a 33-22 first-quarter lead in front of a whopping 19, 000+ fans at TD Garden.
The Warriors’ offense started to click in the second quarter with Klay Thompson striking in 10 points. He made 42.9% of his shots in game 1 and 21.1% of his shots in game 2, indicating that he had a poor shooting for these games. But as he warmed up, so did Tatum, whose turn also came in the second quarter. He scored eight points and flicked in five assists.

Derrick White came off the bench to score five with Marcus Smart adding six points. A 68-56 lead was held by the Celtics at halftime.
In the third quarter, the Warriors came out of the locker room blazing. 15 of 31 points for Steph Curry were scored in this half with Thompson pumping up another 10 points. Four minutes to finishing up the quarter, Golden State seized a one-point lead.

AL Horford came out aggressive in game 3, making 5 of 7 shots for 11 points adding six assists and eight rebounds. Robert Williams who has been listed as questionable for every game this series played well in game 3 totaling 10 rebounds, blocking four shots, and altering several more. A combination of Robert Williams, AL Horford, and Grant Williams outrebounding Golden State 47-21.

Boston closed down the show in the fourth quarter. Smart scored eight of his 24 points while limiting Curry to just two in the final 12 minutes. Celtics tightened their defense holding the Warriors to 33.3% shooting and 11.1% from three. After being bullied by the Warriors in game 2, Boston showed a dominant physical performance to regain the initiative in these finals.

Boston Coach Ime Udoka said Rob Williams was a big-time factor on the defense.
“He has to be adaptable and be able to play in any type of situation “
He said his message to the team after game 3 “We’ve done this (played well) after losses. Now it’s time to respond after a win”

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