By Elan Hugo



The Deloitte Challenge is a highlight on the annual calendar of LIV Village. Not only is LIV the beneficiary of this amazing event but it gives the LIV children and mothers an opportunity to participate in a race, train with purpose and build confidence and stamina.

The Deloitte Challenge consists of 5 different races namely a road cycle race, marathon, half-marathon, 10km race and a 5km fun run. The event is growing at a rapid speed with a few thousand participants added to the entries every year.

This year the village have represented beautifully with 59 kids and moms participating in the 5km fun run. Nine kids and moms ran the 10km race of which one of our older boys finished 20th out of 917 runners with an outstanding time of 38mins30.

Two of the older LIV boys finished the half marathon. One finished first in his age group,20th out of 2636 runners with the excellent time of 1h17mins21 and the other (of which this was his first 21km) finished 3rd in his age group and 138th out of 2636 runners with the time of 1h37mins34.

The LIV runners are going from strength to strength. Under the watchful eye of Miss Lindi Meyer, the mentor for LIV2Run (LIV Village’s running club), these children are excelling and becoming athletes in their own right. Exciting things are in the pipeline for LIV2Run. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please contact Lindi at