The Nashua Rugby Skills Project (NRSP) is back after a successful launch in 2017. The team will be touring three southern African countries and with the company of rugby legends¬¬––Gcobani Bobo, Dean Hall, Sino Ganto, and Morgan Newman¬¬––will teach vital rugby passing and catching skills to young, enthusiastic players.

The NRSP was launched on the back of Nashua’s proud partnership with the Currie Cup and is testament to Nashua’s commitment to developing sports in southern Africa. It boasts of holding a record of training 2346 players in 2017 with measured improved ball skills of over 50%


The project is in partnership with the ShadowBall Academy and was conceptualised by The Great Sporting Goods Company. The Academy uses a uniquely designed, flat-sided ‘ShadowBall’ which allows players to practice passing and catching skills on their own, to increase practice time and frequency as well as improve accuracy.

The NRSP team will visit schools selected by Nashua Franchises, and each school will be visited twice. During the first visit, the team will introduce players to the ShadowBall and teach them vital passing and catching skills. In addition, players will enhance their self-confidence through life skills, such as following instructions, dealing with challenges and self-discipline. The second visit will include player evaluations and feedback, as well as information for the school coaches. Players and coaches will have the opportunity to interact with world-class professional players.

As in previous years, there are great prizes to be won by players and their schools. There is also a chance for parents and guardians to get involved in a “Guardians and Sons” ShadowBall challenge.

“Making it big in the top rugby leagues requires hours of practice, dedication and the right guidance to develop young player’s skills and nurture their passion for the game. Nashua believes that bringing world-class rugby skills to schools, through the NRSP, will inspire and develop the next generation of rugby professionals,” said Mark Taylor, CEO of Nashua.

The 2018 NRSP is being launched at St Davids College, Johannesburg on 1 February 2018.

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