The Sports Analytics Africa Conference is Putting Data, Analytics, and Technology under the Spotlight.

The Sports Analytics Africa conference, , taking place 14 – 15 March 2018 at the Radisson Blu in Sandton, Johannesburg, will headline a panel of analysts, strategists, innovators, and performance experts who are at the forefront of sports analytics and technology: to challenge and inspire the audience with their perspectives and experiences.


Sports analytics, very broadly explained, is the systematic analysis of the varied and deep data sets that athletes, players, teams, coaches, games, leagues, and even fans generate. It is where sports and technology intersect and converge and where technology and data based solutions and insights are used to enhance performance, lower the risk of injury, make future predictions, inform team selections, or drive a better understanding of fans and how to engage with them.

Sports organizations around the world increasingly understand that they need to get on board with both on field and off field data analytics if they want to succeed, identify an edge in performance, lead in business, and better predict the future. From the rugby pitch to the race track, to the boardroom, and onto to the multiple devices and screens of fans, sport’s increasing reliance on data, science, and technology is literally reshaping the world of sports. 

The conference is set to take place over two days and covers both on field and off field sports data and analytics topics. Featuring more than 20 speakers across a selection of panel discussions and focused real case presentations, the outstanding speaker panel will fuse the very best South Arica and Africa has to offer with international knowledge and offerings. The agenda is designed to ensure the attendees walk away with a full understanding of the power and potential of data and analytics – and its role is sport.  Attendees can look forward to a conference where myth is separated from good science, the best software and solutions are presented, and where they know they will be interacting and networking with the future of sports.

Who is going to be at Sports Analytics Africa? Everyone who matters in sports and who wants to be inspired and leave with tangible next steps and the know-how to deal effectively with the high performance, business, and marketing challenges they face. Sports teams, federations, franchises, leagues, rights holders, governing bodies, media, broadcasters, stadium management, data and analytics solution suppliers: in other words, the people who are deciding the future of sports.

The Early Bird offer ends on 28 December – don’t miss this deadline! And to ensure smaller teams and federations join the discussion, Sports Analytics Africa is extending a special offer on top of the Early Bird to those that may be limited by financial constraints.


Sports Analytics Africa is a product of AfricaBOSS, the sports and stadia division of Eventus International leading events, exhibitions, and knowledge trends company based in Hong Kong and South Africa.


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