Pietermaritzburg born and former a England International caused a stir on social media last week when he commented on twitter when he criticized his old school Maritzburg College over a picture with three black pupils who openly supported EFFs call for the return of land to its originators.

Kevin Tweeted: “Ummmmm, @MaritzCollege – WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Total disrespect for a once GREAT school! Are you joking?!?! ??????’.


There have obviously been a range of responses to the tweet, many in support and the majority opposed to it  as when Ziyanda Kenya, a young South African based in New York, posted the following on her facebook page:

“Kevin Pietersen is the worst kind of White South African. Born and raised in South Africa with his bum in the butter and the ONE time he couldn’t get onto a team “The Blecks are destroying all that is sacred”. White South Africans leave South Africa to go to England “because things are better there” which is coded language for “I don’t want to be governed by Black people because I firmly believe they are inferior to me despite the fact that I am mediocre at best”. By all means- Move to England, get your ancestral passport and enjoy your bland food but keep South Africa’s politics, people and places out of your mouth because you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve never had to straddle 2 cultures and identities in your own country just because you want to thrive in privileged spaces and still be connected to your INDIGENOUS heritage. You’ve never had to cultivate an accent that resembles the one of your oppressors just to be heard ONCE. You’ve never had to go above and beyond just to prove your BASIC economic and social worth to a white supremacist system. You’ve never been degraded by White ADULTS as a CHILD simply because your parents dared to let you enjoy the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT they were LEGALLY not allowed to enjoy by placing you in a fancy White school. So stay in England, get tattoos pledging allegiance to the crown but leave uTartar, The Proteas, THE LAND , the ANC, the Springboks, The EFF and Darkies out of it!” Said Ziyanda Kenya

You can follow Ziyanda on her page below:

Given the prevailing circumstances should KP retract his statement or was he justified in his assessment? Should the kids be punished for their political statement or does the urgency of the situation warrant politics in the school environment. Are sports and politics mutually exclusive or can they complement each other? Share your comments below.