Johannesburg – SARU CEO Jurie Roux held a press briefing earlier today, to clarify a few things about the exclusion of Cheetahs and Kings in next years Super Rugby competition. 

Roux said, “fans are becoming disillusioned with the competition andsaid broadcasters and stakeholders asked for change.” Roux categorically states that the Cheetahs and Kings were not forced out and voluntereed to take the decision to leave Super Rugby. 


Roux also said that negotiations are far down the line in terms of competing in the Northern Hemisphere for the Cheetahs and Kings.

“franchises could collaborate to spread & share players. Players will decide if they want to play in the North or South.” Said the SARU CEO 

He went on to then say that, the Cheetahs and Kings want to join a European competition as soon as possible and at the first opportunity.

He closed off by saying, “i want to thank Cheetahs & Kings for mature, professional manner in which they approached and managed this difficult situation”