How can South Africa host a Rugby World Cup but cant host Commonwealth Games?
This is the question that should be on every South Africans lips. But it would seem, however,  no one is paying attention because we are all robots who walk around with blinkers. 


It has become pertinently clear that both events require Government assistance both in terms of finance and endorsement. The significant difference is that with rugby, it would seem the South African media has made an about turn and is now in full support of the rugby campaign, which is contrary to what was witnessed for the Commonwealth campaign. 
Mark Keohane on Sport 24 even said , Forget the Durban 2022 Commonwealth Games fiasco that paraded as a disaster on every front and get behind a Rugby World Cup that simply must be in South Africa – and by extension Africa.”

Our Minister of Sport at that time Mr Mbalula,  never gave an acceptable reason as to why we couldnt host, he was probably thinking about his next tweet in a twar with Robert Marawa.
This, as R118 million has gone to waste. It is said, that R118m, is the amount it cost JUST TO BID and Have a Local Organising Committee  (which would leave one doubting its very existence) considering the fact that they missed all their  DEADLINES set by Commonwealth Games Federation.  

In his press conference, our then Minister had said, “We cant make the country bankrupt because of commonwealth games,  Greece is still bankrupt because of Summer Olympic Games. People will be toy-toying every day if we host the games.”  It must be said that it was a very noble sentiment expressed by the Minister and it became evidently clear he had the countrys interest at heart. 

Even more absurd is the about turn made with the Introduction of the new Minister to put the rugby agenda back on the table at the expense of transformation. What happened to the sentiment? Are we now having to face bankruptcy as a country because of rugby? The opposing views mean that one of the Ministers was misleading the sports faithful. Which leave more questions than answer. 
Now tell me, how can we bid for 2023 Rugby World Cup? 

It was reported that the Irish Government is underwriting 320 Million Euros!!!! Not RANDS,  Euros?? And they have infrastructure, According to the Irish Examiner, “Money being guaranteed for the bid includes €120m to host the tournament, while another €200m will be underwritten for operational costs, including redeveloping stadiums and policing.”

According to Business Tech – England 2015 RWC costs were close to a billion.
What further boggles the mind is that in the advent rwc 2023, with the knowledge of the cost of previous tournaments, money is not a factor anymore. In fact where are these fruitful trees, where money is being grown? Or was money ever a factor? 
As much as Commonwealth Games needed Government Assistance Financially, well…… so does the “privilege” game of rugby.

It would be interesting to see how SA Rugby reached their “Transformation Targets” in a space of 6 months. Further more, i’m  interested in knowing, how and why the new Minister, Mr Nxesi lifetd the ban.

Whilst there are lot of unanswered questions around the matter, what has become clear is that hosting the RWC23 is not at all about reconciliation, transformation and uniting the nation but about the interest of the minority at the expense of the tax payers. A certain few will get to eat and the rest will be blinded by “Unity” and “Get Behind Our Nation” hashtags on social media. 
There is no unity in the game of rugby in South Africa, if it wasnt for the government’s enforced  transformation regulations,  there would still be 1 player of colour standing on the wing. 

Rugby lacks in bringing a nation together, because those who hold top positions, see it as THEIR GAME (as a game for minority not for ALL South africans).  Rugby remains and will still be a game of the elite white minority and the centre wont hold as there is no unity.

Thats why it cant work and will never work. No one in Big Media Houses has raised these issues and they wont,  do you ever ask why?