It has been reported that the couple are likely headed to divorce court. With the story captivating this week’s news headlines, and neither one of them officially speaking out, it’s hard to know what’s really going on between them. Here’s what we know so far about their split after seven years of marriage.

1. La La and Carmelo are living separately.


Just after the Easter weekend, TMZ reported that the Power actress and the NBA baller have separated. After seven years of marriage, it appears something changed between them and they began living apart and allegedly have for quite some time now. Reports say Melo’s current NBA season has put a strain on their marriage.

2. Carmelo was allegedly unfaithful

The 32-year-old New York Knick allegedly stepped out onhis marriage to La La and became involved with a 24-year-old Northwestern University graduate student named Mia Angel Burks. Sources sayAnthony and Burks met last summer in Chicago, they started seeing each other and now she is pregnant with the 10-time NBA All Star’s child but neither party has confirmed or denied the news. Soucres close to the couple told Access Hollywood this is not true.