Formula 1 is back to being “authentic” thanks to the 2017 cars leaving drivers happy and challenged again, claims GPDA chairman Alex Wurz.
With the bigger wings and larger tyres set to result in cars smashing lap records this year, drivers have talked about the new generation of machinery being much harder to take to the limit.
And after the hard-fought season-opener in Australia – which swung Sebastian Vettel’s way after Lewis Hamilton got trapped behind Max Verstappen – Wurz is in no doubt that fans should celebrate the fact they are seeing genuine racing again.
The Austrian, who has been in charge of the GPDA since 2014, says his feedback from drivers is encouraging – even though he admits some areas, like the gap between teams, could be improved.
“The drivers like the cars,” Wurz told “It is authentic and that comes across, which makes it much easier to sell.
“If you hear a multiple world champion short of breath on the radio, because he is pushing and he can push all the time, that doesn’t require anyone to explain that it is physically tough and challenging to drive.
“Every lap they were pushing. That is cool. So I think the direction we are going is definitely one that is good.”
Areas to improve
Although happy with how the cars have developed, Wurz does admit that there are areas that F1 should be looking to address – like the gap between the top three teams and the rest.
“If I would have a wish list, I would say that if we manage now to get the field a bit closer together in terms of first to last and the top teams, that will bring a bit more competition,” he said.