According to reports, former Allblacks and Crusaders 1st Five Eigths, Andrew Mehrtens has suggested that Super Rugby competition without South African and Argentine participants. 

Speaking to Fox Sports, Mehrtens is reported saying, “”I think the competition is stupid at the moment…….
“There’s no way, in 10 years’ time that we’re going to be looking at a competition that covers three massively distinct time zones.
“Our best thing is to go just within this time zone here. It makes it a lot more logistically easy to manage for the teams and players.
“You fly overnight, a 10-hour flight to Japan, you can handle that because the time difference is not massive.”


Mehrtens called for the introduction of Pacific Island nations like Fiji, Samoa and Tonga to join the competition.
“In Asia and Australia and New Zealand and the (Pacific) Islands is where the future of this competition lies for us. The sooner we can get there the quicker we can develop it and the better.”
And Stirling Mortlocks views are:

Stirling Mortlock says: 
“I’d prefer chopping South Africa altogether, but former Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock says the likely axing of one of Australia’s five Super Rugby teams is the harsh reality for the ARU.
“It’s very disappointing to hear one might not be around moving forward,” 
“Having said that, I do understand the logic behind it to a certain degree and it’s not just a reflection on the state of Super Rugby teams. It’s the state of rugby in general across the country.
“We haven’t had a very strong and robust pathway to developing our players consistently”
“That starts at club level and having a third-tier comp all the way up into flowing into provincial rugby, which flows into playing for the Wallabies” 

Of course all decisions are sitting with the SANZAAR Board and they don’t  seem to have come up with any decisicions going forward. We’ll have to wait and see what Andy Marinos