A directive from dad to give up on cricket and focus on athletics has given the world its greatest sprinter. 
Usain Bolt, who is in Australia for the Nitro Athletics series, said his father Wellesley’s advice to give up on wanting to be the next Michael Holding proved a masterstroke. 
“My dad made one of the biggest decisions of my life when he told me ‘listen, focus on track and field, forget cricket’,” he said. 

Bolt said the Nitro Athletics meetings, the second of three to be held in Melbourne on Thursday, was proving to be an enjoyable experience. 
“The biggest thing is it is team sports. You work together, it is for points, you can cheer on your teammates” he said. 
“What if I end up having to chase a girl and I can’t catch her.” 
From someone who has eight Olympic gold medals, any athlete would need a handy head start for Bolt to not be able to run them down.

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