Even if Liverpool beat Chelsea, they are not winning the league.
People will say they can do it if they get the better of the table-topping Blues at Anfield on Tuesday night, but I don’t know if they’ve got the energy.

And they certainly haven’t got a Premier League winning squad.
The Reds were Chelsea’s closest challengers at the start of the year, but their form has disappeared this month.
People can point to the absence of Sadio Mane, or whoever else, as the reason for why. But if you have got a squad dangerously lacking in depth, like Liverpool have, it is not wise to then burn your players out in the first half of the season.
Jurgen Klopp’s biggest crime this season was telling fans and players alike that they could play that way — his high-octane, heavy-metal football — and expect no physical drop-off.
Adam Lallana is taken off injured


Adam Lallana is taken off injured (Photo: Getty)


Daniel Sturridge must do more, says his former Liverpool boss Rodgers

That may work in Germany, where you play the first half of the season, get a nice winter break to recharge the batteries, and can then come back after and repeat it.

Look at Adam Lallana.
He used to have a languid style and drift in and out of games. Klopp comes in and says you have to run harder and faster for longer.
If it was for just 20 games that would be fine. But watch his drop-off now, because he will never have worked harder than he has under Klopp so far this season.
Playing that way, your energy levels drop to critical because it is physically impossible to play with that intensity. You have to manage your game during the game.
Liverpool look bemused after Wolverhampton Wanderers go 0-2 up during the fourth round of the FA Cup at Anfield.

Losing at home to second-tier Wolves continued Liverpool’s dismal start to 2017 (Photo: Liverpool Echo)


The big debate: Does a top four finish represent success for Liverpool this season?

Playing Klopp’s way would leave a player knackered by January or February — which is what has happened.
Liverpool are now running less, and at lower intensity. Their performances overall have less intensity, which means they are getting fewer results and has led to a massive tail-off.
And they haven’t got the resources to bring into the team to freshen things up.
Look at Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal’s FA Cup results after they all made big changes to their teams.
Theo Walcott celebrates scoring the 3rd Arsenal goal with (L) Danny Welbeck

Other top clubs, such as Arsenal, showed their superior depth with FA Cup wins (Photo: Arsenal FC via Getty)


Liverpool handed boost ahead of Chelsea visit as Lallana is passed fit

If you are winning those type of games by three, four or five goals with a second string, that shows those players can come into your team and give you a level of performance to compete.
Klopp made his changes and Liverpool went out, against Wolves.
They don’t have a squad good enough to win the league and, after all the TV money that is given to Premier League clubs, how dare they go into a season without 22 players of like-for-like quality?
Klopp has his own philosophy like Pep Guardiola, who couldn’t kid us with some of his tactical innovations, like full-backs playing in central midfield, that had people saying he was a genius who has revolutionised the sport.

Klopp could learn a thing or two from how Conte has adapted to English football (Photo: Getty)


Klopp claims Liverpool can still win the title ahead of crunch Chelsea clash

But they both should have gone into this season open-minded and more respectful of English football.
To say they are failures is ridiculous, but now I’d like to see them look at someone like Antonio Conte.
After six games at Chelsea, he realised he needed to respect what the league he’d joined was about, realised what he was trying wasn’t working and rectified it by changing his formation and making sure his team were good at the things their opposition would be — like corners and set-pieces.
And who is the best manager in the Premier League? The man who is top of it, and will be opposite Klopp at Anfield on Tuesday night — Conte.

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