The Springboks are being written off as a disaster in waiting as they prepare for Saturday’s test in Christchurch.
Sport 24 labelled the South African side as being “very close to chaos” following the defeat to the Wallabies, while describing the All Blacks as “champagne quality”.
Chief sports writer Rob Houwing opined: “The Springboks are currently flying, if that is even the right word to employ, like a jumbo jet on one engine, with a loose set of flaps and wheels jammed at the halfway point of deployment. In other words, at considerable risk of a catastrophic crash.”
He wrote it would be “galling to South Africans” that former Springbok Errol Tobias believed “the spine of the Pumas team may currently be stronger than the Springbok one”.
“If South Africa can somehow win in Christchurch under present circumstances, it might go down as one of their greatest upset triumphs of all time,” Houwing wrote.
“Confusion reigns supreme … these Boks look devoid of structure, clear-cut strategy, cutting edge and composure, and also just beginning to flirt with a potential post-isolation record low for tangible individual class and aura in the ranks, quite frankly.”


The Sunday Independent rated the Springboks’ chances as “slim to zero”. The writer Jon Cardinelli believed “the Boks will lose to the All Blacks in Christchurch. The only question is by how much.”