Justin Gatlin has smashed Usain Bolt’s 100m world record, however it won’t count because the United States sprinter was assisted by huge wind turbines. 
The American covered the distance in an incredible 9.45 seconds, well under Bolt’s 2009 record of 9.58 seconds.
It was part of a stunt for Japanese game show Kasupe! in which the 34-year-old, who is considered Bolt’s main rivals for glory at this summer’s Olympics in Rio, agreed to take part.

Gatlin’s start was boosted by a huge turbine that propelled him from the blocks and was then assisted along the way by smaller fans placed at the side of his lane. 
Watch the rapid run below…


Whilst the stunt was only meant as a bit of fun, Gatlin’s involvement in an artificially enhanced performance might be considered crass. In 2001 he was banned from athletics for testing positive for amphetamines and then was kicked out of the sport again in 2006 for doping.