By Kenan J Williams 

Rising football stars in Cape Town finally got their chance to make an impression with the launch of the Investec Dreamplay Tournament taking place on Saturday 12 March 2016 at the William Herbert Sports Grounds in Wynberg. The tournament, hosted by FC Cape Town and Investec, focusses on the development and unearthing of local young talent with the aim to improve South Africa’s soccer environment and quality, while also looking to export these players to major European leagues to compete with the best abroad. With a total of R50000 worth of prize money to be won and each entering team receiving an Investec Dreamplay sponsored kit and balls. 


The teams competing in the tournament were reduced to 16, out of a total of 56 who entered, that will go head to head and compete in the group stages of the Investec Dreamplay tournament on the 2 and 3 of April 2016. The tournament allows players to express themselves in front of scouts, SAFA ambassadors and FC Cape Town board members which will select a few to pursue their dream of bursting into the footballing scene with a platform provided to enter major leagues within the boarders of South Africa and abroad.


One team all football lovers will be paying close attention to will be the Jean Marc Ithier Academy side. With a thriving u17 team fueled by ambition and flair which seems to light up the field wherever they go. Being a young team who have just made it into the big league, heading into their debut season in the U17 Super League, this side has shown heart to be where they are today. Currently a team battling for field rights and a side on the lookout for a playing field to call home, they still got down to business when it mattered and qualified for the group stages of the Investec Dreamplay Tournament. A young academy here to show that football is a game played by those who love it, dominated by those who live it.


The Jean Marc Ithier Academy are currently based in Pinelands, Cape Town and will have it all to play for in the Investec Dreamplay tournament when they go out seeking to make their mark on football in the mother city and prove that the youngsters developed in this environment are those of class and unbelievable talent. The academy started in 2010 currently boast incomparable results, reaching the top flights in their various youth leagues in such a small space of time and having the priviledge to send many of their local players abroad to pursue their footballing careers elsewhere.


This u17 side are driven by passion and the motivation to prove to the locals and many others that they can do the impossible and make a name for themselves in a realm mostly in the shadows of Cape Town. With the aim to bring flair back to South African football. The aim to thrive and to dominate its current form, while revolutionizing a sport that unites this beautiful land. Playing for more than just the Investec Dreamplay Honours, more than just a chance to call a field a home, this young side is here to make history and play for their chance to make it to the top. They’re here to start a journey (nobody can dare stop) to the top. To start the adventure of a lifetime and prove to the world that South African football is one of passion, of love and of unity. One that can overcome the boundaries of the past and blossom into a force to be reckoned with in the coming years, fueled by young ambitious men on a mission to put South African football back on the world map.