This year’s Metropolitan Premier Cup looks to be yet another promising year for Cape Town football as we see 17 clubs from the Cape participating in the Metropolitan Premier Cup 2016.



Last year was a fantastic year for Cape Town football as Glendene United walked away with the title of Metropolitan Premier Cup champions, making it the fourth year in a row that a Cape Town team walks away with the Metropolitan Premier Cup.


This year looks to be one of the most competitive years in the history of the Metropolitan Premier Cup with the likes of Swansea City, University of Pretoria, Bloemfontein Celtic, Mamelodi Sundowns and many more partaking in this infamous tournament.


Last year Glendene United were seen as underdogs in the early stages of the tournament and ended up as champions.

It is definitely on the cards for yet another underdog to win this year’s Metropolitan Premier Cup judging the teams by their round-robin form.


Stephanians Ottery have made it into the Metropolitan Premier Cup after a 20 year tournament drought. In they round-robin stages they conceded no goals and scored four goals in their three round-robin group stage matches. With a record like this, they are definitely a team to keep an eye on with talent, hunger and a desire to win oozing from all of the boys in black.


In an interview with Stephanians Ottery goalkeeper, Mish-Al Hutton he said: “The boys have put in countless hours of hardwork as many of the teams have done during preparation for this prestigious tournament, but we’re going there with one thing in mind and that is to win!”


With hunger and desire of this nature we are definitely in for a spectacular football showcase at the Metropolitan Premier Cup 2016 which will be hosted at Erica Park in Belhar


– Chad Follentine