Nike and Adidas are two of the biggest and most prominent sports brands always trying to sign endorsement deals with the greatest names in major sports. Athlete endorsement deals history dates back decades ago and the first big deal was signed between american giants Nike and Michael Jordan some 30 years ago which was worth $500,000 a year fast forward 2015 and Jordan still has his endorsement deal with Nike plus his very own Nike “AirJordan” trainers series which nets him around $60 million a year.


Update: Lebron James signed the biggest Athlete endorsement deal in history with american brand Nike and it was disclosed as the life-time contract. He will be doubling his yearly income with the new deal as he will get larger share of “Lebron Shoe Series” sales.

Lebron James new life-time Nike contract is reportedly work $500 million over the course of next decade an a half.
Lebron has been with Nike since his rookie days and two contract extensions followed first was 7-year $90 million worth followed by his $30 million a year deal signed in 2010. While in december 2015 Nike and LeBron James re-negotiated the contract and added performances related clauses in his own shoe series with NIKE, which reportedly brought in $345 million revenue in 2015

Kevin Durant ditched a massive endorsement deal offer from Under Armour which was in the region of $265m to $285m and signed a contract extension with Nike who used their contract clause to match any offer some other company has to offer. Kevin Durants $300 million 10 year deal with Nike is no longer the biggest history.

Today we take a look at 10 of the biggest current endorsement deals and some lifetime deals with the likes of David Beckams Adidas, George Foreman’s Salton Inc and of course Michael Jordan and Nike deal.

15 Biggest Athlete Endorsement Deal In Sports History

1 Michael Jordan NIKE $60m Share of revenue in “Nike Jordan” shoe series

2 Lebron James NIKE $30m Lifetime contract ($30 million a year plus share in shoe sales

3 Kevin Durant NIKE $28.5m $285m+ over 10 year deal (2014-24)

4 Cristiano Ronaldo NIKE $21.7m $105m+ over 5 year deal (2014-19)

5 Lionel Messi ADIDAS $20m $140m over 7 year deal

6 Tiger Woods NIKE $20m $100m over 5 year deal (2013-18)

7 Kobe Bryant NIKE $15m $75m over 5 year deal (2014-19)

8 Derrick Rose ADIDAS $14m $185m over 13 year deal (2012-25)

9 Roger Federer NIKE $12m $120m over 10 year deal (2008-17)

10 Neymar Jr NIKE $9.5m $105m over 11 year deal (2012-22)

11 Rafael Nadal NIKE $10m $50m over 5 years deal (2014-18)

12 Dwayne Wade LI NIAN $10m $100m over 10 year deal (2012-21)

13 Damian Lillard ADIDAS $10m $100m 10 year deal (2014-23)

14 Rory Mcllroy NIKE $10m $100m over 10 year deal (2013-22)

15 Maria Sharapova NIKE $8.5m