Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula posted raunchy nude of an absolute belter in her lingerie on Friday Morning and in response claimed he was hacked.

xoxa1-3Black twitter woke up this morning to a raunchy tweet from the Sports Minister of what he alleges is a Nigerian picture of a nude woman.


“Yesterday I wasn’t online but I was alerted of a post on my timeline. Logged on line and quickly deleted it,” said the minister.

Black twitter then took over:


The day they hack Kim Kardashian's iPhone I will believe Mbalula's story. ?

— Gontse(@iKensou) January 29, 2016


January is already crazier than whole 2014 & 2015 combined, First Rihanna drops her album then FikileMbaluladrops something from his album

— IG: BarryRouxLaw(@Barry_Roux) January 29, 2016


Mbalulasaid that he wasn't online yesterday, yet he tweeted before the incident. @AbortedNews @flywombat @NoTolls1

— Mel (@Melis_SA_) January 29, 2016


Amazing how quickly Mbalularecovered his account from the hackers!eitherthey were amateur hackers or he's an IT beast! FOH!! No Hackers!!

— ThulaniC Mbhenyana(@ThulaniM16) January 29, 2016


Mbalulasaying his account was hacked sounds like King Dalindyebosaying someone sneaked weed in his prison cell while sleeping. PLEASE!

— #WeAreAfrica✊ (@iAmThatGuy__) January 29, 2016


No one hacked Mbalula's acc,thehomietweeted those images himself.Thefact that he is trying to explain himself,meansonly one thing,GUILTY

— Major General (@EliasChinemore) January 29, 2016


If you've had too much to alcohol, please stay off social media or else you'll embarrass yourself just like FikileMbaluladid..

— IG: BarryRouxLaw(@Barry_Roux) January 29, 2016


I want to apologize to all the Hackers on behalf of Mbalulafor these wrong accusations

— •The Instigator• (@AmBlujay) January 29, 2016


That's what was happening @ #Mr_Mbalula TL last on #Twitter …….

— ♚ KSM ♚ (@ItsKSM) January 29, 2016