Former Chiefs great Jimmy Tau who is an advent user of twitter has vanished from the social network after he started trending on black twitter and split from his stunning fiancee Sizakele Mananong.



The last time Tau Tweeted was during a live broadcast on the 22nd of January 2016 with the following tweet;

The Major league DJ jas since being accused of an affair with the Sizakele Mananong denied the accusations and spoken of his respect for Jimmy, claiming that he isn’t the type to cheat with his friends girlfriend. This in spite of the fact that Jimmy had already admitted that there was an affair and conceded that he could keep her for all he cares.

Sizakele Manonga it must be said is no slouch when it comes to the looks department and as such it is not surprising the Jimmy took a knock of R200k, we think he is lucky to have gotten away with only that amount it could have been more. Check out some these stunning pics from here instagram account;

#JimmyTau was still trending on black twitter even as the late bloomers picked up on the trend.