Become a Grit Sports Social Media Volunteer Ambassador now, no registration, no administration, no stress no fuss.

 Are you the right person for this program?

Self-assessment in whether you meet the following requirements:

  • Sports Fanatic,
  • Love Sports Banter and getting involved
  • Social media leader
  • Passionate about making an impact and sharing ideas
  • Trend setter and not a follower
  • Are you able to dedicate 30 minutes a week of your spare time to this program
  • Do you have more than 100 friends on each social media site
  • Are you currently active on more than one social media site
  • Are you currently a participant in more than one Whatsapp group


What to do?

1373715942If you have ticked yes to all these requirements then you should definitely volunteer your services to Grit Sports so that you can assist us in becoming a vehicle for change as we tell of our black sporting heroes stories in our own way and unrestricted by policies and capital.

Dedicate 2-3 minutes every day to spreading the word about who we are and what we do on social media. Start by following or subscribing to our social media accounts; then share our posts with your friends and followers.

Actively participate by commenting and sharing our stories.


Where to find us online:


Facebook: Like our page and our status updates and share these with your friends. Leave comments on our updates and share the Grit Sports stories.

Twitter: Follow us for the latest Grit Sports news and Retweet our updates to your follows. Ask us questions, use our hash-tags and Tweet us your Grit Sports stories.

YouTube: Subscribe to our channel, watch our latest clips, like our videos and share them with your friends and family.

Google plus page: Like our page and our status updates and share these with your friends via gmail and google plus.

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