Amla was intent on helping Bavuma because according to him everyone doubts players of colour for various reasons reported IOL.

Cricket - 2012 Investec Test Series - First Test - England v South Africa - Day One - The Kia OvalHashim Amla who gave up the captaincy for the Proteas because he felt someone else could do the job better and  spoke of how Bavumas 102 of 141 balls had made an impression on the rest of the team.


Amla could relate to the challenges of breaking into the Proteas test setup, just as Bavuma was under pressure to deliver an innings of substance after the removal of Duminy meant that Amla felt that he needed to support Bavuma because he would have been the one to get the axe if any changes needed to be made to the team.

Amla also noted that, “Temba’s a very good example for all of us. The way he batted in this game was very inspirational for even guys like me, the intent he showed. I wished when I was his age, I showed that type of confidence and intent that he showed.”

Amla also pointed out that “Obviously personally, I know the pressure, what players of colour go through when they first come into the set-up – certainly in our country. So, it was emotional for a lot of us. I think a lot of us felt that like it was a victory for the Proteas in the sense that the team environment is in a very good space.”

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