south_africa_money_ssk_ioHow would you spend a R1000.00 right now if we at Grit Sports gave it to you? Well its simple the first person to get 100 people to like the Grit Sports Facebook page and prove it gets the money. So how would you prefer to get the money, e-wallet, transfer, or through a mega store?

There is no fine print and it is simple, get 100 facebook friends to like our facebook page and prove it. After we receive your submission we will ‘pay the money’ (R1000.00) within 24 hours… No stress no fuss!


All you have to do is once you receive a notification that 100 of the friends you invited on our facebook page have liked our page, print the screen and send it to


Go to our Facebook at Gritsports and start inviting your friends to the page and when they click like on the page you will get notifications with a count of how many have liked our page. Once you meet the threshold (100 likes) print then screen and send it to us.

The first person and only the first person to meet the requirements gets the prize, please make sure to send us your contact details. Competition starts on at 09:00am on 10 October 2015 and ends 23:00pm 17 October 2015. We announce the winner 18 October 2015 15:00pm.

Simple!!!!! Easiest grand you will ever make!!!

GS Editor