There has been a lot of talk over the last couple of weeks over the transformation of the Springboks which was further fuelled by the teams poor performance at The Rugby Championship. Is there even an argument here or should trust that Meyer is picking the best team on form and put race aside even when the Springboks performances have not been convincing.

No one should be selected based on skin colour alone bra..that’s not what we are saying. What we want is equal opportunity for black players.



 Siya KolisiEg 1 – In 2012 Heynecker Meyer said Siya Kolisi was too young to play for the Springboks..2012 was Kolisi’s breakthrough season at the Stormers where he played 16 games..He was being selected purely on his ability by Alastair Coetzee at Super Rugby level..Marcel Coetzee was given his Springbok debut in the same year..So in this scenario, Kolisi was too young to play test rugby but Coetzee wasn’t..SAME AGE..Marcel Coetzee now has 28 Tests, Siya Kolisi has 10 Tests (0 as a starter).

Eg 2 – This season Heynecker Meyer controversially selected the talented Jesse Kriel at center when we all know he was playing fullback for the Bulls..Instead of promoting or giving a chance to one of the form centres in the competition Lionel Mapoe (who was in the Springbok Squad anyway) he DECIDED to give someone else who had played another position all season an OPPORTUNITY and  take nothing away from Jesse Kriel because he took that chance with both hands scoring tries against both NZ and AUS. He played very well so now people will say “Hes a better centre than Mapoe anyway” but of course Mapoe got his chance when they brought him on for 2 mins in a lost game.

Heynecker Meyer went on to justify his selection by saying Jesse Kriel is the best young center in world rugby at the moment after those 2 performances against the top 2 sides in the world but here’s where the problem is compounded.

When it was time to bring his captain back into the team, Jesse Kriel stopped being the best centre in the world because of course a white player needed to return to the team (a plan will always be made for a white player bra – even if he hasn’t played a minute since November 2014). Kriel was moved from centre where he was impressive to wing, sacrificing a coloured player in the form of Cornal Hendricks.

Jesse Kriel has now gone from being chosen on the back of his form as fullback for the Bulls to playing centre (overlooking some in form centres as well as centres who have intl experience such as De Jong) and then wing (completely neglecting players such as Lwazi Mvovo who were in the squad as wingers anyway as this is the position they play primarily).

So why is Lwazi Mvovo even in the squad if whenever a wing is needed they just play other players out of their positions. There is no desire to give him the chance to prove himself and when he plays he plays 1 game and if he doesn’t score 4 tries you can be sure he won’t get another game for the Springboks for months. This is why we use the term equal opportunity and not quota or transformation because those words immediately assume that this player is here to address a political agenda.

When people have questioned our views we have spoken about PLAYERS WHO ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOR THE SPRINGBOKS ON MERIT but need the same opportunities to show their capability.The fact that Wynand Olivier has 38 caps and Juan De Jongh has 14 is a perfect example of how blacks and coloureds have to work 10 times harder for the same opportunity. Wynand would never have even 1 cap for the All Blacks or even Australia and we willing to bet now that De Jongh has the talent to play for an All Black side or an Australian side.

This is further compounded by the inclusion of players like Ruan Pienaar who hasn’t influenced a test match positively for YEARS but he is now closing in on 100 test matches, put simply he belongs in the curry cup setup but he has the right surname. His dad is Gysie Pienaar who is a a Springbok legend thus he has been given opportunity after opportunity. Its clear that one needs to be the best in the world like Habana was between, 2005 to 2010, to be on par with some average white players like Ruan Pienaar and Wynand Olivier.

That is the truth and these are just a few of a handful of cases which we have picked to show that continuously black deserving players are left to carry tackle bags in training for their less deserving white counterparts. This is further exacerbated by the sports ministry and sports minister do not seem to know what their responsibilities are when it comes to enforcing transformation. As can be seen from Mbalulas response to the debate;

This of course left many people bewildered;