Some black african rugby supporters would think that the less said about the Bok squad the better, to a point where the squad is a direct reflection on Heyneke Meijers policy of systematically excluding deserving black players from the team.

Those rugby supporters would imagine that there is not even a point going over the team as it is a monumental disgrace that in 2015, transformation is still a stumbling block when it comes to selection. Why take players to a World Cup who you have absolutely no intention of using, is it not enough that they have carrying tackle bags and not playing? 


We would be inclined to agree in that Meyer is insulting the intelligence of black people who seek transformation if he thinks bringing back Zane Kirchner will apease them and address the transformation issues.


Win or lose #meyermustgo after the world cup as rugby is no more an elite sport for white people but belongs to everyone in South Africa and Africa at large. 

If the Boks do not do well at the world cup then transformation will be blamed, when Meyer has at no point given black players a meaningful chance to stake a claim, even where black players have thrived they havent been played!!!

GS Editor