Speaking on Argentinas National Television newly signed Manchester United goalkeeper has denied long standing rumours of his wife having slept with the Manchester City hitman Sergio Arguero.


Sergio Romeros Stunning Wife Eliana Guercio.

The fling is said to have happened in 2006 before the couple were in fact married and have persisted since then.

Luis Van Gaals man moved to put the matter to rest when he said about his wife Eliana Guercio “I have a great wife and a great family. It’s not nice when some people say this kind of stuff.” According to the Mirror.

He then went on to reassert his 10 year long friendship with Sergio when he said I’m friends with him for over 10 years, imagine that. I couldn’t talk to him, but for sure I’m going to call him.” Further cementing the fact by saying “Listen we are friends”

The couple have two daughters and have been married since 2008. This whilst Arguero married Maradonas daughter.

GS Editor