It is a warm winters day in Sandton, South Africa on this what seems to have been the longest Tuesday this entire year. Time seems to be traveling at a snails pace to football fanatics globally. 

The pre-season has provided an opportunity for reflection for the respective clubs but for football die hards it has provided an opportunity for us to dream about the prospects for the upcoming season.


 Throughout the preseason fans have been inundated with rumors of prospective signings. At times and some of some of them have been ridiculous to a point where one quickly brushes them off due to their nonsensical nature. 

However there have been times when the rumors have not been far from the truth, like when Manchester United signed Bastian Schweinsteiger and Arsenal football club signed Peter Cech.


Chelsea football fans are coming from a high of having won the English Premier league last season. The sale of Cech would not have worried the Chelsea faithful and however and a lot of the Chelsea fans will be questioning or worried about were their goals are going to come from this season especially considering Diego Costa injury woes. However Chelsea will go into the season with the comfort that they have arguably the best manager in the game and a deep set of pockets should they wish to bring in another striker, not to mention all the players they have out on loan could be considered.

Manchester City 

The city fans will be concerned at the money spent at bringing in Sterling and will be hoping he settles down quickly and delivers goals! City have had a very underwhelming preseason. However they can rest in the comfort that they have some of the best talent in the league at their disposal. On any given day City can take on and beat the best. However their defense without Kompany still struggles.


The Arsenal fans will be the most excited about the new season. Arsenal haven’t sold or lost a key player in ages, the last major sales Arsenal made was Van Persie. They have also gotten rid of what would be deadwood players such as Abu Diabi and the likes. The signing of Peter Cech is a master stroke from Wenger. They have now on paper what many would consider the best options for keepers. Their preseason form has seen some of the more injury prone players like Theo Walcott getting a full preseason. The beating of Chelsea over the weekend would have seen many fans making them favorites for the coming season.

Manchester United

United fans will be feeling satisfied over the clubs transfer activities. United have now got what many may consider to be the best midfield combination since the times of Roy Keane, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes. Gone are the days when Sir Alex used to play utility players in place of specialists in the midfield. After all that is the reason Pogba left United, Park Ji Sung was played before him, and even Rafael played centrally before Pogba could even get a call in. Manchester United will still be looking to add another striker to their ranks before the close of the window.


The fans once again wont know what to expect from Liverpool but the Benteke goal against Swindon would have left many fans salivating at the prospect of having a proper number 9. Its not since Torres blistering form that Liverpool had a proven number 9.

Tottenham Hotspurs

Gone are the days where Spurs used to be aggressive in the market and compete using Bale money. The approach is now conservative in that they looking at signing young talent and grooming them for the big stage. 
GS Editor