El Clasico The El Clasico are the two biggest games in Spanish La Liga played against two of the the biggest teams in namely FC Barcelona verses Real Madrid FC is a spectacle of gigantic proportions which often captivates every football fan across the globe.

The El Clasico isn’t just a football game, it is an occasion which often leaves the two sets of supporters longing for more. It has all the ingredients of a spectacle. Lionel Messi pitted against his arch rival Christiano Ronaldo, the most expensively assembled team verses the greatest player development and football philosophy. These duels occur all over the pitch and off it as it is not inly about the games but about heritage.
The schedules of the upcoming games have been announced which has left many a supporter salivating at the prospect. With transfer window still this only adds to the tension.
The first leg will take place at the home of Real Madrid FC the Santiago Bernabeu on 08 November 2015 with the follow up leg to take place at the home of the current Spanish La Liga, European and cup champions FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou in the new year on 03 April 2016.
GS Editor