By Shawn Belluigi

Cricket South Africa (CSA) and KFC are celebrating a decade of partnership with the start of the 10th KFC Mini-Cricket National Seminar in George, Western Cape.

“This is truly something to celebrate together, KFC has been a loyal sponsor and supporter of South African cricket sponsoring the game at many levels from grassroots development cricket, right up to the sponsorship of the Standard Bank Proteas T20 International series,” commented CSA Chief Executive Thabang Moroe.

“The KFC Mini-Cricket programme is one of the most impactful and significant development programmes in the South African sporting landscape and goes far beyond the game of cricket. It brings youngsters from across our diverse country together and not only introduces them to our wonderful game of cricket but also allows them to get active. This is a very important programme contributing to the social cohesion of our nation.”

This celebration most importantly celebrates the coaches and coordinators who all volunteer freely giving up their time and expertise to make the lives and experiences of the kids a happy one while they play Mini-Cricket. These selfless people need to be applauded for the commendable work they have done throughout the past 10 years always bringing passion and commitment to the game.

“KFC Mini-Cricket is the entry level for the majority of our cricketers into our talent development pipeline and the success stories are plenty. The overwhelming majority of our players who have made up our under-19 World Cup squads in recent times, including our World Champions of 2014, were first introduced to cricket through this programme. There are memories created that will live forever, notably through the involvement of our children as ball boys and girls and participants of the coin toss at KFC T20 International matches and during the various interactive initiatives.

I cannot thank KFC enough for their unwavering support over such an extended period of time and more importantly for introducing the youth of our nation to an active lifestyle,” concluded Mr. Moroe.

“KFC is proud and excited for having reached this incredible milestone for our partnership with Cricket South Africa and the KFC Mini-Cricket programme. We thank our committed partners, CSA and the respective programme structures for their unwavering support to ensure that kids in all communities are introduced to the beautiful game of cricket. We look forward to the many great years in growing the programme and creating even more unforgettable experiences for the KFC Mini-Cricket kids, the skills they learn from this game are beyond cricket, this game grows leadership, discipline, team work, friendships and this is what our country needs to move it forward.” Lauren Turnbull, Corporate Communications Marketing Manager, KFC South Africa.


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