Dr. Phato Zondi is the Managing Director at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and has reached the proverbial heights of success and has kept her feet firmly on the ground. The story of Dr. Zondi is not only your typical rags to riches story but one of happiness being realised through love of family, the grace of humility and gratitude for her blessings. 

This is the story behind Dr. Zondi pursuit of being a specialist in the field of sports science as told by herself and her selfless pursuit of her dream.

We often go through life in haste pursuing our dreams and impatience being the order of the day. It is however those who are willing to painstakingly willing to stick it out  are the ones who reap the rewards. Dr Zondi had a dream and it took her 12 years to achieve this dream and at times things weren’t so easy.

In this ground breaking and exclusive interview Dr. Zondi takes us through the journey she undertook from the humble beginnings as a child growing up in Westville Durban, to the long years spent in University, to travelling to the Rio Olympics to finally being the first black women to be appointment Managing Director at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

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