World Champion Athlete and long jumper Luvo Manyonga won big at the South African Sports Awards on Sunday November 12, 2017 when he won the Sportsman of the year and Sports star of the year Awards.

It was however during the post award media interview with Grit Sports minutes after the Olympic Silver Medalist had been presented with his first award that we witnessed a special moment. An emotional Luvo paused and requested to take a phone call from someone special.

During emotional Luvos acceptance speech of his award which was broadcast and Supersport and on SABC, he alluded to how he had come 360 degrees from drug abuse to being a world star and thanking God for all the success and attributing the turnaround in his life to God.

Among the millions from all corners of South Africa and Africa was one person who would have been more emotional than Luvo himself and that was his mother. The excitement of seeing his son on television being acknowledged by the highest award structure in the country,  lead her to call her son on the spot to pass a message of how proud she was and to share in the moment..

It was at this moment right at the commencement of our post award media interview when Luvo’s phone started ringing, when he turned with excitement and said “guys it is my mother” and we were left with no option but to oblige “pick it up Luvo” shouted the Grit Sports director.

What followed was a moment which left many in reverence as he answered his phone and told his mom to keep watching TV because there was still more to come. At that moment Luvo knew that the stars had aligned and that his purpose converged with his fate and that there was more to come. That moment in particular was the proverbial pinch which made Luvo realise he was not dreaming but in fact living his dream.

Catch the full interview with Luvo on our youtube channel on Grit Sports TV.

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