We took the time out to catch up with Lwandile Qokweni who is one of the organisers for the 1965 Ride for education cycle which goes from Johannesburg to Queenstown.

Who is Lwandile Qokweni?

I guess I am many thing a father a husband a brother and one of the organisers of the 1965 ride which is an annual ride for education that goes between Johannesburg and Queenstown every year raising money for disadvantaged kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who need money for school.

Tell us about the 1965 Ride for Education?

The ride has been going on for about 6 year and start by a gentleman by the name of Anthony John frost who is an alumni of Queens College 1965 was the year he matriculated hence why it is called the 1965 ride. A couple of years ago Anthony looked for what cause that could he give back to the community after years of having a successful life and started the 1965 Ride for education.

If you help a person with education they can figure out life themselves, the biggest challenge with education is the reality that there are very limited bursaries for kids to study prior to university. From university if your gifted you will make it but prior to university you could drop out because your parents don’t have money to take you to school let alone a good school. So this presented a really good op to actually provide finance for these children.

Please see the video above for the full interview as this narration is just a short extract from the interview.