Former Ghana international Malik Jabir made the baffling claim on a national radio station, where he was complaining about the lack of progression made in the division.

Jabir now manages a side in Ghana and believes that the growth of the competition has been stunted by players enjoying themselves too much off the pitch and in the sack.

‘A lot of today’s players cannot play 90 minutes because they get tired so easily,’ he said.

‘And you know why? Because they don’t sleep enough and don’t train enough and they engage in too much sex.

Is sex to blame for the poor standard of football in Ghana?

Yes, obviously!

No, clearly not!

‘There are beautiful young girls and they won’t leave them alone.’

Jabir, who coaches Asante Kotoko, went on to explain that players have problems balancing their professional football life with their sexual desires.

‘There is time for sex and time for football,’ he added.

‘But if you mix the two, you will never reach the top.’

So there you have it, folks. Don’t mix sex and sport!

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