SoccerLaduma have released statements in reaction to Power FMs expose last week that alleged that they had published fake footballer interviews.

SoccerLadumaSoccerLaduma released a statement through an unknown radio station disputing the allegations made by Power FM. They said that an agent had made contact with them informing them that Power FM was trying pressure them into giving them a story that would vitiate them live on air. The agent of course assured the sports publisher that they would do that.

Power FM then accused SoccerLaduma of Playing dirty accusing them of trying to taint their image with Thabiso Tema  who recently joined the radio station asserted that they could be forced to following the legal route.

“All this evidence will be forwarded to the Press Council of South Africa and the Broadcast Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA), which are the official platforms to address these issues with. One wonders how many other of the people who appear on this show were ‘wrangled’ up in a similar fashion.

More disturbing are certain lies and assertions that have been made by a member of Power FM on public platforms, however SoccerLaduma are taking legal council with the aim of pressing criminal charges with regards to this. We will follow up on this with you next week.” Read the statement from laduma, Read the full statement here.
“People ask me how we have managed to be so successful and I tell them the answer is another secret, which is also a simple one. Besides loving football, the secret is to understand that our customers – in other words you our readers and users – are our boss.
Everyone who has worked here and works here will tell you that loving football is important, but understanding that our reader is our boss is paramount. You are the journalists’ boss, not me. It’s our job to deliver to you, to the best of our ability and beyond, the best possible football product. Our size and continuing growth tells us that we are fulfilling that pledge. I promise you that will remain true.
Sadly when you are successful, there are hidden agendas and sometimes people can take one and one and turn it into four instead of two. Why they do it, I don’t exactly know. But I feel it’s important for even those of you who may not have heard, and particular those of you who have heard, that Soccer Laduma was attacked, we believe, unfairly by a radio station last Friday. We believe they played the man and not the ball.” Said Peter Du Toit the SoccerLaduma Editor on their website. See his full blog article here.
The battle between the two then turned into one for publicity with both the radio station and soccerladuma making an attempt to save their reputations by publishing their versions through social media. SoccerLaduma published their story on their website and also on twitter and the story will probably be in their next magazine publication. Power FM release a podcast via Sound cloud and shared the link all over twitter.