Oscar Pistorius was due to be released on parole this Friday with the Correctional Services and Parole Review Board having made the decision. 

However in a statement released by the Ministry of Justice and the decision was refered back to the Correctional Services and the Parole Review Board for review after the Ministry had received a petition from the Progressive Womans Movement of South Africa (PWMSA). 

Amongst other things the Petition outline the Movements concern over Oscar being released on womans month and considered insensitive to do so. 

Upon perus and legal consultation it ministry decided that Oscar should serve at least one sixth of his or sentence before being considered for placement under correctional supervisor, unless the court directs otherwise.

The Ministry stated the following 

“It is apparent therefore that the decision to release him on 21 August 2015 was made prematurely on 5 June 2015 when the offender was not eligible to be considered at all.”

GS Editor